The Toronto Arts Council (TAC) and the International Festival of Authors (IFOA) have partnered on Toronto Lit Up, a 3-year initiative designed to spotlight Toronto writers and empower local artists with career-building opportunities.

The IFOA will host  book release parties throughout the year at Harbourfront Centre and other venues across the city.

The goal of this program is to provide Toronto authors* with significant presentation opportunities that will allow the public to learn about and access more of the work of its local writing community.

Meet the Selection Committee:

The committee, made up of Dionne Brand (University of Guelph and Chair of the committee), Alison Jones (Quill and Quire), Hazel Millar (Literary Press Group), Christine Saratsiotis (IFOA), and Geoffrey Taylor (IFOA) will adjudicate all selections.


Toronto Lit Up will feature works from a variety of genre. The committee will be looking to include published works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose, short-story, graphic-novels as well as cookbooks, gardening books, sports-related stories, satire and much more. Publishers can submit more than one author for committee consideration for this program.

What to include with your submission?

  • Name of the author
  • Author’s bio
  • Title of the book
  • Genre
  • Book synopsis
  • Publication date
  • Publicity copy of the book

*Author must be a resident of Toronto for at least one year prior to the program’s commencement (2016), and lives and works in Toronto for at least 8 months of the year.


For more information, please contact

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