Born and raised in Kolkata, Ayesha Chatterjee has lived in England, the USA and Germany, and currently resides in Toronto. Her work gained notice when one of her poems was shortlisted in the Guardian Unlimited Poetry Workshop in October 2004. Her poetry has appeared in nthposition, Autumn Sky Poetry and BluSlate. In 2010, she read at the Poetry with Prakriti Festival in Chennai, India. Her first poetry collection, The Clarity of Distance, is a meditation on the complexity of existence and the search for moments of truth within it.

Events Ayesha Chatterjee was involved in

  • Toronto Lit Up: Ayesha Chatterjee

    Thursday, August 17, 2017 - 7:00 PM

    IFOA and Bayeux Arts invite you to the release of Bottles and Bones by Ayesha Chatterjee as part of the Toronto Lit Up book launch series.