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In Conversation: Kevin Hardcastle & John Irving

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 7:30 PM
Brigantine Room, Harbourfront Centre
In Conversation: IFOA Weekly
Participants: Kevin Hardcastle, John Irving

Join author, John Irving, as he interviews Kevin Hardcastle about his new book In The Cage. The two will discuss survival in the rural underclass and what it means to pursue a noble life for one’s family. Do not miss the opportunity to see them both on the IFOA stage!

In The Cage
“A feared cage fighter in Mixed Martial Arts, Daniel is closing in on greatness—until an injury derails his career. Out of work in his country hometown, Daniel slips into the underworld, moonlighting as muscle for a childhood-friend-turned-mid-level-gangster. While his wife works nights and his twelve-year-old daughter gets into scraps of her own, Daniel tries to escape and build a nobler life for his family—but he sinks deeper into a violent, unpredictable world, soon sparking a conflict that can only be settled in blood.”


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