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Wednesday, September 27

In Conversation: Michelle Alfano & Anne Hines

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 7:30 PM
Brigantine Room
Interview: IFOA Weekly
Participants: Michelle Alfano, Anne Hines

IFOA is proud to open the 44th edition of IFOA Weekly with Michelle Alfano‘s new book, The Unfinished Dollhouse: A Memoir of Gender and Identity. Join Michelle Alfano and Rev. Anne Hines as they discuss familial relationships in the thought-provoking and touching story of The Unfinished Dollhouse.




“No mother is prepared for the moment when a child comes out to her as a person whose physical gender is out-of-keeping with his emotional and psychological gender-identity. In Michelle Alfano’s intimate memoir, she recounts her experience as the mother of a transgender child….In the years to follow, Frankie’s parents experienced an education in parenting a child transitioning from female to male – which pronouns to use, how to disclose the information to friends, family, school and how to deal with the reactions of all – some heartening, some surprising, some disappointing.”








Friday, September 29

Toronto Lit Up: Richard Atkinson and Joe Fiorito

Friday, September 29, 2017 - 6:00 PM
Alexandra Park Community Centre
Book Launch: Toronto Lit Up
Participants: Richard Atkinson, Joe Fiorito

IFOA and Exile Editions invite you to the release of The Life Crimes and Hard Times of Ricky Atkinson, Leader of the Dirty Tricks Gang by Richard Atkinson with Joe Fiorito, as part of the Toronto Lit Up book launch series.

atkinson-richard-and-joe-fiorito-the-life-crimes-and-hard-times-of-richard-atkinson“A sober memoir that provides a solid understanding of how crime is situated in structural, cultural, historical, and situational contexts.This is the life story of Ricky Atkinson, leader of the Dirty Tricks Gang, who grew up fast and hard in one of Toronto’s toughest neighbourhoods during the social ferment of the Sixties, during the fledgling Black Power Movement in Canada. His life was made all the more difficult coming from a black, white and aboriginal mixed family. Under his leadership, the gang eventually robbed more banks and pulled off so many jobs, that it is unrivalled in Canadian history…Today, after reconciling his past and life, he works to educate youth and people from all backgrounds about the no-win choice of being a criminal.”

Exile Editions



Toronto Lit Up is a three year initiative, spearheaded by the Toronto Arts Council and IFOA, designed to spotlight Toronto’s writers and empower local artists with career-building opportunities.

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