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In Conversation: Michelle Alfano & Anne Hines

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 7:30 PM
Brigantine Room
Interview: IFOA Weekly
Participants: Michelle Alfano, Anne Hines

IFOA is proud to open the 44th edition of IFOA Weekly with Michelle Alfano‘s new book, The Unfinished Dollhouse: A Memoir of Gender and Identity. Join Michelle Alfano and Rev. Anne Hines as they discuss familial relationships in the thought-provoking and touching story of The Unfinished Dollhouse.




“No mother is prepared for the moment when a child comes out to her as a person whose physical gender is out-of-keeping with his emotional and psychological gender-identity. In Michelle Alfano’s intimate memoir, she recounts her experience as the mother of a transgender child….In the years to follow, Frankie’s parents experienced an education in parenting a child transitioning from female to male – which pronouns to use, how to disclose the information to friends, family, school and how to deal with the reactions of all – some heartening, some surprising, some disappointing.”








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